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Official Cochise Scholastic Bookfair Homepage: Click Here

  • Bookfair is on Campus!  There will be class visits during school for all grades and family shopping after school. Classes will visit during the school day.  Parents might consider sending students with a list or note (Example1: money is for books only, not pens and journals; Example 2: Let them buy whatever they wish, they may spend $30).   
  • Bookfair accepts cash, checks (payable to Cochise APT), credit card and offers eWallet, a safe and secure alternative to cash. Simply create a free account to add funds and/or invite family and friends to contribute so your child can select their own books. Any unused funds can be spent at The Scholastic Store Online or to fund a future eWallet.
  • Family shopping is available after school.  The book fair will not be open before school.
  • Lollipop pull supporting the All for Books charity. Scholastic matches these dollars in scholastic dollars for our school! An equal amount goes to the Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children through organizations such as the Kids In Need Foundation, Reader to Reader Inc., and the National Center for Families Learning. Children will be limited to 4 lollipops a day ($1.00) unless a parent is present to say they can have more.  
  • Books for Teachers! Our wonderful Cochise teachers will be placing books they would enjoy into bins labeled with their names. These books may be purchased for them at the fair and then delivered straight to them by your student.  Teacher books will be available for purchase during Donut Date.
  • Games! There will be a free guessing game and charity raffle basket at the fair! (Raffle money goes to All for Books!). Students are invited to guess how many dinosaurs are in the jar (the number will change daily). Raffle basket tickets can only be purchased with an adult present.  Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

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