Why Join APT?

The number one reason to join APT is to benefit your child. In doing so, you also help our school, students, teachers and receive numerous benefits.


Volunteering and meetings are NOT required for those who join. But if you can help from time to time, that would be awesome!


We have a variety of membership packages with different benefits. You can even choose your own dollar amount! Business sponsorship packages are also available. 


Anyone can join Cochise APT. Parents, students, grandparents, business owners, friends, etc.

All APT memberships are good for the current school year.


The ONLY way to access our APT Membership Store is to Login/Register.  

We've made is super easy...we promise!


Your Family Account Page will be the first thing you see after you login. 

And just below your Family Information will be your APT Membership Store link.


Click here to learn more about Why APT Still Matters.


APT Membership Class Competition


  • The class in each grade that raises the most money will win a Kona Ice Truck party.
  • The class in each grade with the highest participation percentage will win???

Begins August 3

Ends September ?


Our 2022 fundraising goal is $45,000.


Have more than one child?  APT will split your membership donation between your students' classrooms.


Reserved Parking Raffle

Included in your APT Membership package is a chance to win a personalized reserved parking space.  We will conduct the drawing at the end of the Membership Drive.