Veterans Day Car Assembly


Please call, text, or e-mail

Rick Pasquale



Volunteer 1 - Edit a video of Cochise students’ musical performances and spoken word presentations related to Veterans Day starting in a couple of weeks.  This volunteer will fashion these recordings into a video approximately 10-15 minutes long that will be shown in each Cochise classroom for Veterans Day. 


Volunteer 2 - We also seek a second volunteer, whose assistance with planning and hosting the parade can begin a bit later.


Cochise Elementary began honoring veterans in 2001, shortly after 9/11.  For nearly twenty years this recognition included a large ceremony in the auditorium/cafeteria in which family members who are veterans were honored.  Due to security and other concerns, on-campus events are no longer possible. 


There are now two elements to Cochise students’ recognition of veterans. 

  • A video of students sharing their appreciation of veterans.
  • A car parade of veterans in our Cochise family driving through the school lots.