Katey McPherson - Local & National Digital Wellness Advocate and Educator


Tuesday November 29th

9am - Cochise Elementary Cafetorium

Open to all Families


This event was recorded...click here to watch.


After a couple of unpredictable years in the world of in person schooling, technology has played a pivotal role in keeping students connected to their friends and family as well as to keep academic learning at the forefront of their school careers.


As more attention is placed on the role of technology and learning, it is crucial they understand how to cultivate their own digital footprint which can and will serve for them as a platform for future college admissions, employment opportunities, and other ways to pursue their endless talents while showcasing them safely.


Katey McPherson will lead a discussion through 3 crucial pieces of digital wellness:

  • Time on screens as it relates to their own mental health and overall wellness
  • Cultivating a digital footprint that leads to futuristic opportunities
  • Recognizing signs of bullying and stress/distress in friends and classmates and how to report safety issues to trusted adults.

4th & 5th Grade Students 

Katey McPherson will be meeting with your classes on Friday, December 2nd. She will be speaking about the SAME information discussed at Nov 29th presentation, that is open to all to attend.


5th grade - 1:30 to 2:15

4th grade - 2:30 to 3:15


Please visit www.kateymcpherson.com for more information.