Why APT Still Matters?

Did you know that 27% (or $63,000) of our annual budget goes to Kinder Aides?

Or that every teacher receives a $500 classroom reimbursement stipend? Our annual literacy support budget is $12,500


And in 2022, we earmarked $80,000 for our exciting new Garden Program Project.


Here are just some of the ways your APT donations helped our students, school and educators this past year.

  • Classroom Supply Stipend for All Teachers
  • Literacy Support Stipend for All Teachers
  • Cochise Garden Program Project
  • Fall Carnival Community Wide Event
  • Kinder Aides
  • Wall Ball Construction
  • Pickle Ball Court Striping & Equipment
  • Additional Security Cameras
  • Recess Equipment & Balls
  • 5th Grade Art Mural
  • 5th Grade Graduation Party
  • Parent Mementos
  • Creative Arts Festival
  • Library Books
  • Student Council
  • Veteran’s Day Event
  • Health Screening
  • Nurse Supplies
  • Yearbook
  • Sunshine Committee
  • Write & Wipe Boards
  • Accelerated Reader Licenses
  • Flexible Seating Stools & Wobble Cushions
  • Scholastic Dictionaries
  • Egg Incubators
  • Kinder Playground Basketball Hoop & Toys
  • Math Wipe Boards
  • Canvas Garden Aprons
  • Seat Storage Sacks
  • Lap Desks
  • Utility Cart
  • Ellison Press
  • Coil Binder Machine
  • Golf Cart Upgrades
  • Large Rug for Music Room
  • Handheld Pivot Vac for PE
  • Misc. Classroom Supplies
  • Nugget Ice Maker
  • Large Kraft Paper Rolls
  • End of Year Teacher Amazon Gift Card
  • End of Year Teacher Thank You Lunch
  • Teacher Communicator Folders
  • Counselor: Round Floor Cushions
  • Speech: Oral Motor Mirrors, Token Towers, Sound Flip Books
  • LRC: 6ft Panel Room Divider, Privacy Desk Dividers
  • Life Skills: Kids Stationary Bike, Rocking Boat, Mini Trampoline
  • Two (2) $1K Scholarships for Former Cochise Students
  • Author Kentrell Martin Shelly’s Adventure Series Presentation
  • Childhood 2.0 What Every Trusted Adult Needs to Know Presentations